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The initial story was inspired by a dream I had. One early morning, when I was in the state between dreaming and waking, this image of a car in the rain on an empty road, passing by a hitchhiker with a dog, appeared to me. This image, as well as the characters that emerged and their encounter seemed so unusual and intriguing that I decided to write them down before they evaporated from my memory.

So, from this experience, at first, came a short film called “Cast in Gray”; and later a full-length feature film was born.

The fundamental idea for THE CHOICE is what Nietzsche described as “… the basic metaphysic is the inversion of values: truth out of deception, a selfless act out of self-interest, things of highest value from this inferior world, this labyrinth of delusion…”

There is a need for closure of certain chapters in one’s life. For this to happen there is often a need for an external agent, be it a person or an event. Sometimes an epiphany through music or art can help cathartically to close the door of the past behind us. But, usually and more likely it is just someone else we can talk and relate to, especially if that someone reveals information that would fit as a missing piece in the puzzle of one’s past.

In trying to find our way through life, we need to come to terms with fate, ghosts, workings of the past, maybe even God – things unseen but ever-present in our consciousness.

I hope that after watching this film the audience will have something to talk about. The questions will be posed, and the answers might be many. But, what is true and what is not?

It's not up to the filmmaker to tell his audience what to think, but it’s up to the audience to create their own meaning from the structure of the film and to see, interpret, understand and experience according to their individual intelligence, education, sensibility and intuition.

I believe that religion as well as history tells lies, but we can safely trust fiction, because it makes only symbolic claims to truth.



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