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GRAY IN WHITE AND BLACK is a feature film project consisting of two separate yet connected feature length films. The project is based on the award-winning and critically acclaimed short film, Cast In Gray (, written, directed and edited by I. Michael Toth.

F. Timothy Herbert (Timothy Burke), is a man with all the trappings of success. After becoming estranged from his wife, he decides to end his life, but a chance encounter with a Man (Stephen Angus) and his Dog (Bibo) lead Tim to choose between life and death. THE DREAM PLAY (approx. 97 minutes), tells the story of Timís choice to take the manís offer and live a new life. In  THE CHOICE (approx. 91 minutes), Timís wife, Vera (Irena Micijevic), copes with the death of her husband a year earlier in single car accident. One night, she is confronted by a man who holds the heartbreaking truth behind her husbandís death.

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